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How do I search for properties on RBasket?

There are four main search criteria that you can define in your property search:
  • Keywords (optional): Enter a keyword in the "Keywords" box, it can be a street name or some description about the property that you saw in other ads.
  • Suburb (optional): Type in the name of the suburb that you want to search the properties for.
  • State: Select the state
  • Buy/Rent: Select the checkbox to search for real estate to buy or to rent

How do I search for properties within a certain price range only?
After you make a generic search, to filter properties within a certain price range, move the left (for min price) and right (max price) slider in the "Price" section on the left hand side. Here you also have the option to include properties without listed prices or not by checking the tick box below the price range slider.

How do I filter my search results?
To filter your search results to contain properties satisfying certain criteria such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms and carspaces, move the sliders in the "Bedroom", "Bathroom" and "Car space" sections on the left hand side.

How do I sort property search results?
Property listings may be sorted by relevance, freshness (posted date), price or number of bedrooms. Click on the appropriate sorting criteria at the top of the search results.

How do I save my interested properties?
For each property result, click on the "save" link to save your interested real estates in your basket. All your saved properties can be viewed by clicking on the "My Basket" link at the top of the search results.

How do I view map of an interested property?
For each property listing, clicking on the "map" link will open up a map to show the location of the property if its address is included in the listing.

How do I view all the properties in the search result in a map?
At the top of the search result, click on the "Map" link (right corner) to view your property search results in an interactive Google map.

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